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Kraken Potato Masher

Octopus themed plastic masher for making mashed potatoes, avocado, bean, baby Food, soft cooked food & fruit



This potato masher works pretty well compared to any medal version. And it looks cool.

Amazon Review - Pete

This is a fun masher! I needed a smaller one for making guacamole and this fits the bill perfectly. My kids love the Kraken and it is surprisingly easy to handle.

Amazon Review - TheProf

I Love that it is dishwasher safe, and fits in my kitchen drawers, without keeping them from opening. So far it works great at mashing foods. It seems sturdy. It is kind of fun.

Amazon Review - TerraNeu

Animo Toothbrush Holder

Kids toothbrush holder that motivates kids to bursh teeth (with mirror / Glass / wall Mounted suction cup)



A good way to make kids won't to brush there teeth. Was very surprised to see and wanted to brush right away. Keep in reach & keeps brush dry. I cleaned this is hot soapy water and then let it air dry.

Amazon Review - Sunny

Good brush holder for little ones. Really cute

Amazon Review - Gabby